Financial Fitness

Managing money is a life skill that everyone must learn. It's a skill that will help you meet financial obligations, avoid serious debt, use credit responsibly, buy a car and a home, create and stick to a household budget, save and invest wisely, and plan for a comfortable retirement and have some fun!

The information below can help you manage your personal finances successfully.

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Powerful Things to Know and Do
  1. Managing Your Money 101: An Introduction to the Basics of Financial Fitness
  2. Sort Out Your Values
  3. Establish Realistic Goals
  4. Determine Your Monthly Net Income
  5. List Your Monthly Expenses
  6. List All of Your Debts
  7. Write Down Your Daily Expenditures for One Month
  8. Look at Your Credit Report
  9. Set Up a Payday-to-Payday Spending Plan
  10. Begin Saving Now
  11. Manage Your Money New Window icon*

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